Acid-resistant Mineral Powder PМК-DIABAZIT (diabase rock meal)

1. Description

Acid-resistant Mineral Powder PMK-DIABAZIT is a fine-dispersed material made of acid-resistant rock (diabase). If mixed with water glass, it is a perfect component to make different acid-resistant mixtures like mastics, mortars and concretes to be used in chemically active media like galvanic and pickling baths, floors of chemicals plants, fume ducts and so on.

Oxide CaO MgO Al2O3 SiO2 FeO+Fe2O3 Others, %
Content, no more than % 4,0 2,2 12,3 76,0 3,7 1,8

Fineness of grinding of PMK-DIABASIT is characterized by the residue in separators # 1,25 and 0063 and is no more than 5 and 45 % correspondently.

Apparent density is 900-1200 kg/m3, True density is 2500-3000 kg/m3.

Moisture content less 0,5%.

Acid resistance, detected by weight loss of the powder being boiled in sulfuric acid, should not exceed 5%.

ACID Sulfuric H2SO4 Hydrochloric HCl Acetic СН3СООН Nitric HNO3 Phosphoric H3PO4
Acid resistance, not less than % 95 92,7 97 93,1 93,2

2. Application

Mix PMK-DIABAZIT powder with hardening compound (sodium fluate Na2SiF6). Then temper it with binding material (water glass). Use the mortar as glue for acid-resistant tiles or bricks and for float work.

To reduce the shrinking deformation add acid-resistance sand. Add acid-resistance sand and breakstone to have acid-resistance concrete.

3. Advantages

  • High acid resistance;
  • Optimal dispersion that reduces the amount of water glass used as well as shrinking deformation while hardening;
  • Convenient packaging - 50 kg and 1 t;
  • The product and its production have been duly certified
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